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Flyway Highway Endorsed Outfitters

Craig has the opportunity to hunt waterfowl all over North America. Consequently, he has a pretty good idea of where to go and which outfitters to use. Below is a list of folks he highly recommends. All the outfitters listed below run top notch, professional operations. And most importantly, they know how to "put you on the birds".


RJM Guiding & Outfitting

Location - Saskatchewan, Canada
Contact name - Ryan Marsh
Web site - www.hookedonhonkers.com
email - rjmguiding@sasktel.net
Phone - 306-961-6926

RJM Guiding & OutfittingRyan Marsh of RJM Guiding & Outfitting offers some outstanding waterfowl hunting. Located in central Saskatchewan, RJM is right where you want to be in the province. The duck hunting is exceptional and the dark goose hunting is absolutely world class. We hunted with Ryan in early October which is a great time to shoot both ducks and geese. Give Ryan a call and, depending on what species you want to concentrate on, he'll set up a hunt of a lifetime for you!


Bigfoot Outfitters

Location - Saskatchewan, Canada
Contact name - Marlon Parasiuk
Web site - www.saskatchewanwaterfowlhunts.com
email - mparasiuk@gmail.com
Phone - 306-594-7857

Bigfoot OutfittersBigfoot Outfitters is east central Saskatchewan near the edge of the Boreal Forest. I really enjoyed hunting here. We shot ducks, dark geese and white geese. Marion Parasiuk is an experienced outfitter and really knows how to put you on the birds. This was an area of Saskatchewan I hadn't been to before but certainly want to go back to. Hunting on the edge of the forest has some big advantages. The fields you're hunting are the first ones the birds hit when they come out of the forest and migrate south!


Feathered Fowl Outfitters

Location - Saskatchewan, Canada
Contact name - Jeff Black/Tyson Tabler
Web site - www.featheredfowl.com
email - contact@featheredfowl.com
Phone - 303-775-5962

Feathered Fowl OutfittersLocated in west central Saskatchewan, Feathered Fowl Outfitters is a professionally run, quality outfitting operation. Jeff Black and his partner Tyson Tabler know how to find the birds and use the best equipment available. Their large decoy spreads are top quality and in mint condition. Their layout blinds are roomy and comfortable. These are two important factors to consider when choosing a outfitting operation. They have access to a tremendous amount of quality hunting land and are close to excellent lodging and dining options. Also, Feathered Fowl Outfitters is a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Waterfowl Outfitter. I had a great time hunting with these guys and definitely recommend them!


Paradise Wings Lodge

Location - Brinkly, AR
Contact name - Ronnie Steinbeck
Web site - www.paradisewings.com
email - paradisewings@yahoo.com
Phone - 870-734-2030

Paradise Wings Lodge is right outside of Brinkly, AR. Ronnie Steinbeck (the owner) has a really cool lodge that will make hunters feel right at home. And make sure to request his rib eye steaks one night for dinner. They're awesome! Speaking of awesome, the hunting can be described as that as well. Ronnie's got everything; flooded rice and bean fields, flooded buck brush, and flooded green timber. He also does dry field snow goose hunts as well. His staff is professional and courteous. The hunting is great. You really cant go wrong with Paradise Wings!


Living Sky Outfitters

Location - Saskatchewan, Canada
Contact name - Jeff Doyle
Web site - www.livingskyoutfitters.ca
email - bookings@livingskyoutfitters.ca
Phone - 306-561-7034

Living Sky OutfittersTalk about a name that says it all. The sky truly was living when I hunted with Living Sky Outfitters! Located in southern Saskatchewan, Living Sky Outfitters is a place really worth considering. First off they have the birds. Lots of birds. It's also a great area for mixed bag hunting with plenty of ducks, dark and light geese. The snow goose hunting in particular is outstanding. Jeff's accommodations are excellent as well. Comfortable sleeping quarters, good food, and a great "shop area" where you can hang out, and organize your equipment. Also, Jeff and his partner Trevor were born and raised in the area and have a great reputation and relationship with the farmers. That's real important and pretty much guarantees a quality hunt.


Black Dog Outfitters

Location - Tofield, Alberta, Canada
Contact name - Blaine Burns
Web site - www.blackdogoutfitters.ca
email - bburns4@telusplanet.net
Phone - 780-662-9392

Black Dog Outfitters is in east central Alberta not too far from Edmonton. The hunting for both ducks and geese is outstanding. I was there with Wade Bradley of Bradley Smokers and we had a great time. Blain Burns owns Black Dog and provides excellent accommodations and knowledgable guides. This place should definitely be on your short list of Alberta hunting destinations!


Kerley's Sporting Adventures

Location - Global
Contact name - Mike Kerley/Chris McCabe
Web site - www.kerleysadventures.com
email - chris@kerleysadventures.com
Phone - 406-360-9136

Kerley's Sporting AdventuresIf you're looking for a hunting or fishing trip of a lifetime you need to contact Kerley's Sporting Adventures. Whether it's an East African lion hunt, New Zealand trout fishing trip, Argentina dove hunt, or a Canadian cast and blast for trophy pike and ducks, Mike Kerley and Chris McCabe have the experience and know how to make it happen for you. They're experts at booking these types of trips for the discriminating sportsman. They have nearly 100 years experience between the two of them in the outdoor adventure industry. They'll take care of all the details to ensure you have a quality trip. This is critical (especially when traveling abroad) since making these arrangements can be complicated. Consequently, all you have to do is relax and enjoy the trip. Also, Kerley's Sporting Adventures only partners with the very best hunting and fishing outfitters. I depend on them to find me quality outfitters and locations to film Flyway Highway episodes!


Carter's Big Island

Location - St. Paul, Kansas
Contact name - Roy Carter
Web site - www.cbihuntclub.com
email - roycbi@yahoo.com
Phone - 620-232-4829

cartersI've hunted with Roy Carter at the Big Island for several years now. There's a reason for this. He offers some of the best Mallard hunting in the lower 48. That's right, I'm talking Kansas. And here's the real kicker, the Big Island has some outstanding flooded green timber hunting. You heard me right, green timber hunting in Kansas. And if that's not enough, Roy owns a steak joint in town that has some of the best food I've ever had on the Flyway Highway!


Goose Haven Outfitters

Location - Meadow Lake, Saskatchewan, Canada
Contact name - Scott Lynn
Web site - www.goosehavencanada.com
email - goosehavencanada@yahoo.com
Web site - www.bearhavencanada.com
email - bearhavencanada@yahoo.com
Phone - 207-725-2938

Goose Haven is truly one of the special places to hunt in all of North America. Located right on the edge of the Boreal Forest in central Saskatchewan, Goose Haven offers world class duck, goose and black bear hunting. Goose Haven has some of the first fields the birds hit when they come out of the forest. This means huge numbers of uneducated birds. The lodging and accommodations are first rate as well. You can't go wrong with a trip to this place!


Highland Outfitters

Location - Outlook, Saskatchewan, Canada
Contact name - Cory McLachian
Web site - www.highlandoutfitters.com
email - hunts@highlandoutfitters.com
Phone - 866-453-9270

Located in the west central part of Saskatchewan, Highland Outfitters is right in the middle of a major migration path for snow geese. I'm talking millions of snow geese. This is one of my top choices for going after the white birds. You can also shoot some dark geese as well as ducks. But if you like snow goose hunting, you need to get in touch with Cory at Highland Outfitters!


Louisiana Marsh Guide Service

Location - Saint Bernard, Louisiana
Contact name - Mike Smith
Web site - www.laduckhunts.com
email - mike@laduckhunts.com
Phone - 504-682-1966

Louisiana MarshThere's something special about hunting on the Louisiana coast. They call this area "America's wetlands" for good reason. These coastal marshes are the wintering grounds for huge numbers of migratory waterfowl. As a matter of fact, Louisiana harvests more ducks than any other state. Mike Smith runs a great operation down there. Excellent accommodations, great cajon food, and outstanding hunting are a given with Louisiana Marsh Guide Service!


Pepper Slough Outfitters

Location - Henry, South Dakota
Contact name - Marty Maciel
Web site - www.peppersloughoutfitters.com
email - peppersloughhunt@aol.com
Phone - 877-675-4868

Pepper SloughSouth Dakota is known for pheasant hunting but it also offers great waterfowl hunting as well. Marty Maciel with Pepper Slough Outfitters offers both. With thousands of acres to hunt, Marty will put you on pheasants and ducks no problem. We shot limits of ducks in the morning, had a great meal and nap back at the lodge, then shot roosters in the afternoon. This is a great place for this type of "combo hunt". I highly recommend Pepper Slough Outfitters!


Rolling Plains Adventures

Location - Sterling, North Dakota
Contact name - Jeromy Doan
Web site - www.rollingplainsadv.com
email - info@rollingplainsadventures.com
Phone - 701-367-3737

Hunting with Rolling Plains Adventures was a unique experience. The excellent duck and pheasant hunting takes place on the famous Black Leg Ranch near Sterling, ND. With over 10,000 acres of prime fields and pot holes on the ranch, the hunting is obviously outstanding. The ranch's lodge is awesome and the home cooked meals are great as well!


Spirit Creek Outfitters

Location - Southern Saskatchewan, Canada
Contact name - Dean Sliva
Web site - www.spiritcreekoutfitters.com
Email - Hunt@spiritcreekoutfitters
Phone - 306-641-4703

This operation offers world class waterfowl and black bear hunting. Dean is located right on the edge of Canada's boreal forest. The birds come out of the forest each Fall and Dean has first crack at them! He also digs individual pits for each hunter on a typical field hunt. This is the "old school" way to do it and is more comfortable than laying on your back. It also provides better concealment. He's got a great lodge in town and you get his mom's home cooking!

Pacific Wings

Location - Washington and Saskatchewan, Canada
Contact name - Mike Franklin
Web site - www.pacific-wings.net
Email - pacificwings@hotmail.com
Phone - 509-967-2303 or 509-948-1457

black goose outfittersMike Franklin has one of the best guiding operations in Canada for snow geese. His spreads consist of over 700 full body decoys! He also has a very unique layout blind that holds multiple hunters. He's located in a prime location so the hunting is outstanding. The lodge in town is very nice and the couple who own/operate it are two of the best cooks I've encountered on the Flyway Highway!

Mallard Point Duck Hunts

Location - Paragould, AR
Contact name - Keith Shumard
Web site - www.mallardpoint.net
Phone - 870-573-6771

Flooded green timber duck hunting is my favorite way to shoot ducks. There's something about leaning up against a 100 year old oak tree in thigh deep water waiting for the ducks to spill into the hole from the canopy of tree tops above. When everything is right, it's arguably the most awesome experience in waterfowl hunting!

You can experience this type of hunting at Mallard Point. Also, their lodge on the famous Black River in Brookings, Arkansas is a sight to see. It's right on the tree lined river bank and built up on stilts since it's surrounded by water most of the season. It's easily the coolest lodge we've been in on the Flyway Highway! They have a second lodge a few miles away that's closer to the many rice fields they hunt as well. Mallard Point offers some of the best field and timber hunting Arkansas has to offer. If we have a chance to get back there again we'll be all over it!


Ranchland Outfitters

Location - Elk Point, Alberta, Canada
Contact name - Rob Reynolds
Web site - www.ranchlandoutfitters.com
email - rob@ranchlandoutfitters.com
Phone - (877) 924-8440

Ranchland OutfittersThis was actually my first time hunting in Alberta. Man, I sure picked the right spot! Rob runs a great operation. The lodge is one of the nicer ones I've seen in Canada (and I've seen a lot of Canadian lodges over the last 10 years in Manitoba and Saskatchewan). The food at Rob's wife's restaurant is without question the best cuisine I've ever had north of the border.

By the way, the hunting is world class as well. They have Greater Canada Geese, Lesser Canada Geese, Specks, Snows, Ross' Geese, Mallards, and Pintails. If you are looking for an Outfitter that cares about each hunt, look no further. Ranchland Outfitters is a First Class Waterfowl and Big Game Outfitter.


Saskatoon Waterfowl Outfitters

Location - Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada
Contact name - Michael Holman
Web site - www.saskatoonwaterfowloutfitters.com
email - mike@saskatoonwaterfowloutfitters.com
Phone - (979) 218-4833

saskatoon waterfowl outfittersHere's another quality outfitter in Canada worth considering. I hunted with Michael and his partner Don McCrea for three days and had a great time. Saskatoon Waterfowl Outfitters is located in beautiful Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada in the heart of the Central Flyway. Literally millions of waterfowl fly over the prairies of Saskatchewan everyday as they begin their southern migration across Canada to warmer regions. You will see over ten species of ducks and over five sub species of Canada geese ranging from Giant Greaters to small Cacklers as well as Sand Hill Cranes. They also have an abundant number of snow geese and white fronted geese better known as Specklebellies. It is not unusual to see over 30,000 geese in one field.


Moose Mountain Outfitters

Location - Kennedy, Saskatchewan, Canada
Contact name - Leon Dube
Web site - www.moosemountainoutfitters.com
email - mmo@sasktel.net
Phone - 306-538-4562

Moose Mountain OutfittersWe've been hunting with Moose Mountain Outfitters for five straight years for a good reason. Every year we kill ducks. I'm talking lots of ducks. Leon Dube is one of my favorite outfitters in all of Canada (and that's saying a lot considering all the outfitters we use up there are top notch). Leon puts us on these little pot hole lakes and at sunrise the action is incredible! We always stay at the Kenosee Inn Resort Hotel in beautiful Moose Mountain Provincial Park. It's a first class operation run by Daryl Safinuk and Ed Fahlman (www.kenoseeinn.com). If you want to shoot ducks in Saskatchewan, you need to contact Moose Mountain Outfitters!


Northern Flight Guide Service

Location - Devil's Lake, ND
Contact name - Kyle Blanchfield
Web site - www.take-em.com
email - woodlandresort@gondtc.com
Phone - 701-662-5996

Here's another quality outfitter in the Devil's Lake, ND area. We've hunted with Northern Flight Guide Service several times and have always had a good time (not to mention shot ducks). Devils Lake, ND is right in the middle of the "Prairie Pothole" region. This area is famous for some of the finest waterfowl hunting in North America! Kyle Blanchfield also owns/operates the Woodland Resort right on Devil's Lake (www.woodlandresort.com). It's a great place to stay an has an excellent restaurant.