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Co-host an episode of the Flyway Highway!

Would you like to join Craig Foster on a waterfowl hunting trip of a lifetime? Would you like to be on national television so your friends and family (not to mention over 30 million other households) can watch you co-host an episode of the Flyway Highway while shooting ducks and geese in some of the best waterfowl hunting destinations in North America?

Well listen up because, for a very reasonable fee, you can tag along with Craig on one of his adventures down the Flyway Highway. While you're with him, we'll take care of your lodging, meals, hunting license and shells. All you have to do is show up at our hunting destination with your shotgun. We'll also send you up to five copies on DVD of the episode you help us host and give you a CD full of pictures commemorating the hunt!

From the prairie potholes of Canada and N. Dakota to the rice fields and flooded green timber of Arkansas, the Flyway Highway has a hunt of a lifetime waiting for you. Contact us for more information on this once in a lifetime opportunity!